The story of Jam Master Jays

Jam Master Jays is a product of Hip Hop. This nostalgic cannabis brand run by the Mizell Estate pays homage to the everlasting effect he had on this culture. Though not widely televised, Jam Master Jay was known as a heavy smoker to his friends & family. Stories from JMJ's peers will bring you into the Golden Era of Hip Hop & show how Kush has been there since its origins.  

Jam Master Jay was an innovator and made his authentic lifestyle recognized around the world. The Jam Master Jays bring us back to a time when sharing music was more personal and community-driven. Sharing a cassette with the homie showed trust, & if you allowed someone to put a tape in your Boom Box they were worthy. 


Jam Master Jays

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Jam Master Tribute Videos

Jam Master Tribute Videos

Happy Birthday Jam Master Jay Tribute Video Feat - TJ Mizell x A-Trak

Jam Master Jay Tribute feat TJ Mizell x DJ Scratch

Jam Master Jay Tribute feat. TJ Mizell x Skratch Bastid


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